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When Aramada Pentacost Church (Koodarapally) was founded in Aramada under the pioneership of Aramada Kochukunju Vadhyar, a prayer warrior and pious mother lived at Vizhavoor known as 'Kulathinkara Ammumma' She had three literate sons, who have secured reverence in the locality. They were Mathai Asan, Samuel Vadhyar and Yohannan Sar. The younger son Yohannan was a Luthren pastor and Samuel Vadhyar was a school teacher. The elder son was an expert in Martial Arts and Marma Medicine. He captured the notorious 'Vellayani Paramu' and handed over to the Nemom Travancore Police. Even though he was offered job to the post of police constable he did not accept the offer of Govt. The repentance of Mathai Asan had become a great miracle among the people of the locality.

The family members of Mathai Asan, Samuel Vadhyar, Danam and some other members used to attend the worship at koodarapally for spiritual fellowship. But due to the flood in the Karamana river, a Pentacostal fellowship was started in 1925 at the property of Madathuvila Samuel Vadhyar Sri. Mathai Asan was the pioneer of this fellowship. During the time, Sri. M. Johnson, the elder son of Mathai Asan married Smt. Nesamma, the younger daughter of Sri. David, founder of Hebron AG Church, Konniyoor. Besides this Sri. D. Joshna, the younger son of Sri. David married Smt. Elsi, the elder daughter of Mathai Asan. This incident had helped the Madathuvila Church to have contact with A.G. Denomination and for the spiritual growth of both the churches.

In 1946, Bro. M. Johnson the elder son of Mathai Asan resigned from Indian Army. He had good command over English language. In 1950 he joined Bethel Bible school Punalur and he got the opportunity to be a translator of foreign Missionaries. Many missionaries used to visit Madathuvila Church and thus it Paved the way for having further contact with AG Denomination. After the graduation Sri. M. Johnson worked as an evangelist of Madathuvila Church besides being a translator for the Missionaries. In 1955, Madathuvila Church was affiliated to Assemblies of God under M. Johnson and he has become the founder and the first pastor of A.G. Church. At the time, the worship was shifted to the premises of the house of Sri. Mathai Asan at Vadakevila. The first Sunday School Anniversary was conducted on 28th December 1955. The first Convention and CA Camp were also held in the shed in March 1956. At the same time, the early works for a Church building were started and 34 cents of land was purchased in the premises of the present church. The construction work of the church building was completed on 6.11.1956 and the worship started there. The missionaries like Miss. Martha, Kusera, Mildred, Gin, Lidya Grainer, Miss Esler, Rev. Hodges have visited the church many times. Rev. E.A. Sorbo, Rev. A.C. Samuel (District Superintendent) Rev. R. Samuel (Presbyter) helped a lot for the purchase of the land for the church. Later Rev. P.D. Johnson, has also given valuate help for the growth of the church.

Gradually, the church started its growth under the leadership of Pastor M. Johnson, Sunday School, C.A. were started. Pastor M. Johnson was elected as the first President of Malayalam District C.A. Women Fellowship was also formed and Smt. Esther, wife of Samuel Vadhyar took the leadership for this. Smt. Nesamma, wife of Pastor M. Johnson and other women had participated in the fellowship.

At the time of the beginning of the Church itself, a younger generation had also come into existence. Sri. M. Paulose, son of Mathai Asan, Sri. S. Francis, son of Samuel Vadhyar, Sri. N. Nesan, son of Nehamiah, who were govt. employees, took the leadership in the field of Sunday school, C.A. and Church activities Sri. M. Paulose and Sri. S. Francis had served as secretary and Treasurer for many years.

The following had worked as pastors of the A.G. Vizhavoor Church on transfer of Pr. M. Johnson to Kaliakavila A.G.

Pastor M. Johnson [1955 - 1957] Pastor R. Jnanamony [1957 - 1961] Pastor A. J. John [1961 - 1964] Pastor I. Moses [1964 - 1966] Pastor J. Nelson [1966 - 1968] Pastor M. Johnson [1968 - 1975] Pastor J. Ebenezer [1975 - 1979] Pastor D. Enose [1979 - 1983] Pastor. J. Nelson [1983 - 1988] Pastor Wilfred Sam [1988 - 1993] Pastor G. Philippose [1993 - 1995] Pastor N. Jnanadas [1995 - 1999] Pastor B. K. Baiju [Addl. Charge] Pastor N. Christhudas [1999 - 2003] Pastor N. Christhudanam [2003 - 2009] Pastor A. Daniel [Addl. Charge] Pastor G. Johnson [2009 - 2014] Pastor J. Bennet [2014 - 19.05.2019] Pastor K. S. Suresh [From 19.05.2019 - Present]